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Pre-natal Care in Ireland

Find out about the pre-natal care options available to residents of Ireland...

Maternity and Infant Health Care Scheme

Ordinary Residents in the Republic of Ireland are entitled to care through the Maternity and Infant Health Care Scheme which is provided by the public health service. An Ordinary Resident is someone who lives in Ireland, or who intends to remain in Ireland for at least one year.

To qualify for this service, certain criteria must be met. This may include:

  • Providing proof of purchase or rental of property and evidence that this is the principal residence
  • Evidence of transfer of funds, bank accounts, pensions and so on
  • A residence permit or visa and/or a work permit or visa
  • Signing of an affidavit

The dependants of non-EU nationals who qualify for health care as an Ordinary Resident are not automatically eligible for the same services.

Women who do qualify under the Scheme are entitled to care provided by the family GP and hospital obstetrician. A health card is not required.

The care provided by the GP normally includes an initial examination before 12 weeks and a further six examinations during pregnancy, either at the hospital or at the doctor's surgery. Women with underlying health conditions such as diabetes may have additional check-ups. However, any medical care given for existing illnesses which are not related to pregnancy is not covered by the Scheme.

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