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GP Visit Card

Find out who is eligible for a GP Visit Card and how to apply for one...

Irish residents who are not eligible for a medical card may apply for a GP visit card. To qualify for this, the applicant must be an Ordinary Resident in Ireland (see above) and meet specific income criteria.

The GP visit card entitles the qualifying individual and families to visit the GP for free. However, prescriptions are not free and hospital charges will still apply. Applications for GP visit cards are reviewed periodically when any changes to income, family size and so on will be assessed.


Like medical cards, qualification for a GP card is determined by means testing and family or individual income must be below a certain threshold. Similar criteria to the medical card are used to assess qualification for the card, but income guidelines are about 50 percent higher.

Additional eligibility categories

A person who has an ongoing medical condition which requires numerous visits to the doctor or regular medical treatment may be issued with a GP card without means testing. Should an application for a GP card be refused, an appeal may be made to the Local Health Office.

Applying for a GP Card

It is possible to register an application online. Alternatively, application forms for the GP card can be obtained from the Local Health Office, downloaded from the Health Service Executive website (PDF).

It is usual for full entitlement for the medical card to be assessed at the same time as applying for a GP visit card. Completed application forms should be returned to the Local Health Office.

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